24th F.Valley Med-Vents-Rovers

Crest Necker



General Inquiries: info@24mv.ca
See our web site at www.24mv.ca/   

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The 24th Fraser Valley Medical Venturers (MedVent) and Medical Rovers (MedRover) is a Scouts Canada vocational programme. It is a fun, exciting, unique programme that develops First Aid, leadership, and professional skills, and judgement. This is especially useful for those interested in the health fields.

For simplicity, the term “MedVents” usually is used to describe both the Venturer and Rover sections, as both sections work closely together and use a very similar curriculum.

The 24th MedVents specializing in providing volunteer first aid services at Scout events across the Council and community events in the Fraser Valley. Find the event request forms at http://www.nicomeklscouting.ca/files/24th-fv-medventrov/

We also hold First Aid Course fundraisers for Scouting/Guiding members. The funds we raise go to purchase first aid equipment and life-saving training for our members. We can also come out to your Beaver, Cub & Scout meeting to help with First Aid badge requirements.

MedVents meet every other Thursday from 7:30-9:30 in the Barn at Camp McLean. The meetings are 1/3 Venturer/Rover business meeting. and 2/3 medical training.

24th MedVent Mission
To provide effective and high-quality health services for members of Scouts Canada, through the development of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of youth Members to deliver such services.