AM: Kub Kar Rally

Starts: Feb. 23, 2019 10 a.m.
Ends: Feb. 23, 2019 noon



Kub Kar Rally 2019


Kub Kar Rally 2019 will be held on the same day as Scout Truck Rally in February.  Same location – St. Nicholas Catholic Church 20675 87 Ave, Langley - but from 10:00am to 12:00pm.  Saves on hauling out the tracks twice in two weeks!!  Cubs will set up the tracks in the morning and Scouts will take them down at the end of the day – only took us about 20 years to figure out this system that will make our lives easier!


Registration Deadline is January Scouters' Club.

Kub Kars and Fees are due February 10, 2019

On 2019 Feb 23, the tracks will need to be at the Gym at 9:00 am for setup.

Cubs will set up the tracks in the morning (09:00) and Scouts will take them down at the end of the day (16:00)


This year the organization of the Rally is a collaborative effort and we need people to help out with a few things. Please let Barb know as soon as possible if you are able to:


1.  Assist on the Race Committee which will be made up of Scouters able to assist with weighing the Kars after they have been turned in.  We will be meeting on one or two nights sometime during the two weeks leading up to the Rally (Feb. 11 – 19th.


2. Registration on Race Day – we need a couple of Scouters who are able to assist with checking in the Cubs at the beginning of the event.


3. Assist with scorekeeping on Race Day – we need people to run the program on laptops during the race (hopefully to also learn how to run it for next year).


4. Pit Crew – need a couple of Scouters to help on Race Day when wheels fall off, etc.


5. Act as the Master of Ceremonies on Race Day – loud voice required (which actually describes most Scouters J)


6.Supply Kub Kar tracks – which Packs are able to bring them and how many?  Do you need someone to transport it for you?  Is your track wooden or a fancy new aluminium one?  One Pack I know of has an electronic finishing line – are there more out there?


7. Supply pylons for roping off the Race Floor to keep the spectators corralled.


Categories – Best Unique Design, Best Hot Wheel Style, Best Wacky Racer


Crest Designs – due at January Scouters Club and will be judged by those Scouters in attendance


If, by some chance, your Pack is not planning to attend the Rally – could you please let Barb know and she will remove you from the emails for this event.


Please let Barb know if you have any questions or suggestions – looking forward to another successful Kub Kar Rally!



Barb Taylor

Assistant Area Commissioner Cub Scouts

Nicomekl Area




Kub Kar Rally Coordinator - Barb Taylor