Jungle Day Camp - for Beavers CANCELLED

Starts: May 27, 2017 9 a.m.
Ends: None 3 p.m.


EVENT CANCELLED - only ten signed up as of May 23.

Hi everyone,


We will be cancelling Jungle Camp for this year (originally scheduled for this coming Saturday).  It appears that due to everyone being busy putting the “Out” in Scouting there are only about 10 youth able to attend which makes it hard for the games and activities to proceed.  The fact that Packs are busy is not a bad thing…it’s great!!!


We will try again next year or may look at doing the same thing we did last year and scheduling it for sometime in early September.


Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Hello Pack Contact Scouters,


With regard to the Jungle Day Camp being held in Nicomekl Area – just a reminder that final numbers are due at Scouters Club this week.  If you are not able to attend on Thursday night – please let me know (yes or no) if you Pack will be attending Jungle Camp.  If you are attending (and we hope you are) please let me know how many Beavers, Cubs and Scouters will be there so that we know how many to plan for.


When is camp? – Saturday, May 27th from 9:00am to 3:00pm

Where is camp? – Redwood Park in South Surrey (17900 – 20th Avenue)

Who comes to camp? – White Tail Beavers, Runners and Trackers and their Colony and Pack Scouters

What if it rains? – Wear boots and a rainjacket – daycamp in the rain is fun too!

Why do we have Jungle Camp? – To teach the White Tail Beavers what we do in Pack and give them the opportunity to meet the Runners and Trackers that they will be working with next year.  It’s preferable that the Howlers don’t come to this particular camp as they will be moving up to Scouts next year and the main reason for Jungle Camp is to teach the White Tail Beavers.

How much does camp cost?  - It’s FREE because all supplies are brought by the Packs attending (a kit list will be sent out once we know who is coming and will be simple craft supplies and equipment).

Who runs the camp? – The Camp Chief facilitates the program but this is a chance for the new to Youth to meet and work with their Pack Scouters therefore each Group must have the proper ratios in place.  We recommend a Colony Scouter also attends so that the White Tails have a familiar Scouter there (this is not a Parent/Beaver event).

Who feeds them at camp? – Each Pack is responsible for their own lunch and snacks.  We recommend some form of the unconventional cooking that we do in Pack (set your lunch on fire, buddy burners, etc.) but bringing a packed lunch is also an option.


Please let me know if you have any questions and I hope to hear from you soon 


Barb Taylor

Assistant Area Commissioner Cub Scouts

Nicomekl Area


Email: barbtaylor63@shaw.ca


AAC Beaver Scouts  (Assistant Area Commissioner)

James VanBukenhout   byooks@hotmail.com