Beaver Scout Campfires

Starts: March 19, 2019 6:30 p.m.
Ends: March 20, 2019


The Area campfires will be March 19 for groups which normally meet Monday / Tuesday, and March 20 for groups which normally meet Wednesday / Thursday.  We will gather at 6:30 pm at the archery shelter, and ignition will be at 7 pm.  Hot chocloate and snacks at approximately 7:50 pm.

Chief for March 19th is Rob Salmon. Attending are 1st Cloverdale, 10th White Rock, 1st Walnut Grove and two of 1st Brookswood. 

Material collected so far:  1st Brookswood- Monday Fires Burning/Dirty Socks/Stewpendous, 1st Brookswood- Tuesday I met A Bear, Bravest Camper and Wonderful cheer.

Chief for Wednesday is Richard Wang. Attending are 2nd Langley, 2nd Aldergrove, 1st Cloverdale, 5th Langley and 1st Willoughby. 

Material collected so far: 2nd Langley Herman The Worm/Emergency Broadcast System/Wonderful, 2nd Aldergrove-Fast Food/Elevator/Bullseye, 1st Cloverdale – Pizza Man/Dirty Socks/Can of Cheer, 5th Langley – Banana Song/Man Eating Tree/We Like Beavers


Registration form is attached. Looking for a campfire chief for each of the two evenings. Funds and numbers due February 15  Scouters club, Cost is $5.00/Beaver and $2.00/Scouter. 



Your Campfire Chief needs to know your numbers and which evening you are coming, and which song, skit and cheer you will be performing. Note to our Chiefs:  please notify James of the nature of pyrotechnics you are looking for.


This is a LUG-A-MUG event.  The Area will be providing snacks and hot chocolate.


AAC Beaver Scouts  (Assistant Area Commissioner)

James VanBukenhout