Beaver / Parent Camp

Starts: May 10, 2019
Ends: May 12, 2019


All groups planning on attending MUST have a representative at all of the planning meetings.  This can be a leader or parent. The planning meetings are usually 8-10pm on the first Wednesday of each month, up until the actual camp in May.

A designated Sunday clean up person from each group must be listed on the first page of your registration package. This person will stay behind after closing on Sunday to assist in the final clean up of the camp. 


The deadline for submitting your registration package is the March Beaver-Parent Camp planning meeting: 2019 April 3rd. Only complete packages will be accepted. 


Each Group attending the camp must complete the following: 

* A complete list of all campers attending from the group. 

* A "Physical Fitness" form for each camper listed. Adult and Youth. 

* Allergies, food and others MUST be listed on the master list. 

* A 'Release and Hold Harmless Agreement" for each non-scouting camper. 

* A signed, "No Alcohol" contract for each adult attending. 

* A "Group Registration Summary" form. 


Each Group is to submit one package that includes the following: 

* A "Group Registration Summary" sheet. 

* The list of all campers attending from the group. Allergy portion complete. 

* A Group cheque for Payment in full. The total cost is $TBA a camper. Cheques to be made out to Scouts Canada - Nicomekl Area. 


AAC Beaver Scouts  (Assistant Area Commissioner)

James VanBukenhout